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Total Taping is a refreshingly functional look at the variety of tapes and taping techniques available to practitioners dealing with neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders in both athletes and non-athletic patients.
Rather than presenting dozens of techniques with a “paint by numbers” ethos, this course looks at objective markers and outcome measures. All applications are driven by the question:
‘What are you trying to achieve with the tissues in front of you?”

The role of taping is divided into 4 key principles:

Support: Often with rigid taping and exemplified by the common techniques in pre-event taping of athletes or acute injury
Offload: Mainly fascial techniques to offload injured tissues enabling often immediate return of ROM and/or strength
Facilitate: Up-regulate neural firing for muscle activation and postural control
Inhibit: Reduce muscle hypertonicity – both for acute and chronic dysfunction

We teach a conceptual approach that is easy to understand and to apply in your clinic