For Monday Morning

This lecture will examine the neurological basis for functional manual muscle testing and present a screening routine as well as a simple concept for using muscle testing in your daily practice. We will look at a new paradigm for understanding injury, which is rooted in well understood principles and research and which offers a different yet very logical approach.

This concept works regardless of your treatment technique. It is not meant as a ‘system’, a cookbook approach or the only way to get your patients better, but it is a simple yet hugely effective tool, which is easy to apply and integrate into your existing examination procedures.

The following Monday morning, you will be able to:

  • Immediately show the effect of your treatment
  • Hugely increase patient compliance by showing immediate functional change
  • Get clues to help you find those difficult underlying problems – not just treat compensations
  • Screen asymptomatic patients and athletes and show them why they are seeing you for preventative care
  • Help in preventing injury and optimise sporting performance
  • Presenting a model of patient management focused on maintaining your patient’s adaptive range and patient led outcome goals